About us

At Saltwater Rags, we're not just a clothing company – we're a lifestyle brand inspired by the rhythm of the sea, the warmth of the sun, and the freedom of the open sky. Born out of a love for coastal living and the adventures it offers, we are a brand as unique and authentic as the people who wear our clothes.

Founded in 2023, Saltwater Rags has been weaving together the finest quality fabrics with designs that capture the essence of the seaside spirit. We design, manufacture, and sell a wide range of clothing from relaxed beachwear to functional outerwear and stylish accessories, all embodying a sense of effortless style and rugged durability.

Our clothes are created for those who seek to incorporate the spirit of the sea into their everyday wardrobe. For us, it's not just about looking good, it's about a mindset, a way of life that values the tranquil simplicity and raw beauty of nature, fused with the modern demands of style and sustainability. Every piece we craft, from our iconic linen shirts to our beach-to-bar shorts, tells a story of salt, sand, and serenity.

At Saltwater Rags, we are environmentally conscious, and we make every effort to ensure our manufacturing process is sustainable and ethical. We believe in making choices that honor both the people who wear our clothes and the planet we all share. We are proud to say that our collections are made with eco-friendly materials, crafted by artisans who are paid fair wages, in safe working conditions.

Our company is a tribute to those who are unafraid to chase the horizon, who find solace in the rhythm of the waves, and who share our love for all things sea-inspired. So, whether you're a seasoned sailor, a beachcomber, or someone who simply appreciates high-quality, sustainable fashion with a maritime twist, we invite you to join our journey and experience the unique charm of Saltwater Rags.

Welcome aboard, and let the tides guide you to a world where style meets sustainability.